Professional Sculptor


As a child I sensed that I was connected to everything. My surroundings communicated with me through an unspoken language that we shared. The rocks, birds, bees, animals, flowers, trees, grass, rain, and even the scent in the air.  By sensed I mean that every cell of my being was alive to the shared experience of being here.  I took in far more information than I was able to describe in words. I was overwhelmed with the experience of being one with my surroundings and searched for a means to share this experience with others.

I found that by allowing this inspiration to move through me as a creative vessel I was able to give a solid form to a sensory experience. This allowed me to connect with others in the same place that I was experiencing this awareness. I was able to begin to share what it felt like to be inside of me. I believe for people to discover their voice they first of all they must discover the message that wants to come through them.  I am grateful for the gift of sensitivity, being a creative vessel and having the ability to apply what I have learned through my personal experiences of being a sculptor. 

Through HaveningCoaching and EFT  I have tapped into yet another form of creative vessel that has offered the opportunity to help others discover their unique gift and extraordinary way to share what matters most. We all have a gift that wants to come through us. Our challenge is to honour the vessel, discover the medium and allow our unique creative force to be shared.

Lynn’s work is in private collections across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.


In 2005 I was bestowed the great honour of presenting the Dalai Lama with a gift of one of my sculptures.

I believe that when we are in our element and connected to what matters most whoever we are meant to share our gift with will appear.  This gift is one that I will cherish for a lifetime.  We are the gift, our journey is in unwrapping our gift in order to share ourselves with others.