Professional Sculptor

Jikan – Carved in Stone “The Sleeping Monk”

Carved In Stone : “The Sleeping Monk”

The stone sits peacefully on the bench in quiet meditation.  Heavy with wisdom, offered up, from the earth itself.  Solid, yielding, prepared to return to source.  A gentle reminder as we chip away at the walls, surrender, expose the gem inside.

Will the essence be revealed?  In what form?  Take away what isn’t, expose what is.  No need to try too hard, another silent offering. Allow the stone to carve itself, listen for what matters, keep it simple.  The beauty lies within.

Mallet-tapping chisel, ready to begin.  Find the rhythm to the soul. Chip away the layers, stories fall to the ground, the journey unknown. The stone patient and forgiving, a vessel for the heart.

The eyes, windows to the soul.  Observe the shape that is felt more than seen.  Intuitive whisper describes the line to the windows of the life within.

A heart beats softly.  The sound of silence. The stone sits peacefully on the bench.

Lynn Demers 2010